Teaching Tools & Materials

I grade student papers anonymously using an online tool I built, Paper Grader.

I create interactive practice problems for my logic students at deductivelogic.org, a tool I originally built in coordination with Ned Hall, for his introductory logic course at Harvard.

I use handouts when I want to guide students’ attention, to provide an easily-navigable ‘map’ of the issues under discussion. Some sample handouts of mine:

Courses Taught as GSI

The Nature of Mind ・ John Campbell ・ Spring 2018

Imaginative understanding vs. causal explanation (the first-personal vs. the third-personal); functionalism; imaginative understanding and personal identity; agency and free will.

Metaphysics ・ Geoffrey Lee ・ Fall 2016

The fine-tuning argument, modality & possible worlds, time (A-theory vs. B-theory), space (relationism vs substantivalism), universal properties, laws of nature, mereological composition.

Modern Philosophy ・ Hannah Ginsborg ・ Spring 2016

Descartes’ Meditations, Spinoza’s Ethics, Berkeley’s Three Dialogues, Hume’s An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason.

Philosophical Methods ・ Barry Stroud ・ Fall 2015

An intensive writing course for philosophy majors, involving weekly one-on-one meetings to discuss a short writing assignment. Readings focused on free will.

The Nature of Mind ・ Umrao Sethi ・ Summer 2015

Cartesian dualism, logical behaviorism, identity theory, functionalism; qualia & ‘the hard problem’; personal identity.

Knowledge & Its Limits ・ John Perry ・ Spring 2015

Cartesian skepticism, Berkeley’s idealism, Humean skepticism, the existence of God, personal identity.

Theory of Knowledge ・ Barry Stroud ・ Fall 2014

A close investigation of three kinds of problems in epistemology: the problem of the external world, the problem of induction, the problem of other minds.

Introduction to Logic ・ Daniel Warren ・ Spring 2014

The basics of deductive logic: translation, validity, implication, and equivalence in truth-functional and quantificational logic; systems of deduction, and their soundness and completeness.

The Nature of Mind ・ John Campbell ・ Fall 2013

Cartesian dualism, logical behaviorism, functionalism; qualia & epiphenomenalism; personal identity; folk psychology & reductionism.

Philosophy of Mind ・ Paul Skokowski ・ Summer 2013

Cartesian dualism, logical behaviorism, identity theory, functionalism; qualia & physicalism; naturalistic reduction.